A substance-use assessment is an interview process utilized to determine what level of care an individual needs to address his/her substance use issues. The interview lasts approximately 1-2 hours in which individuals will be asked a series of questions about all areas of their lives. The counselor may also choose to speak with family members, loved ones or other professionals to gain additional insight if needed. All assessments are done by appointment Monday through Thursdays.


primary outpatient program

Living Free Recovery Services offers primary outpatient faith-based treatment to adults 18 years of age and older. We believe that spiritual impoverishment is an important aspect of chemical abuse which must be addressed for treatment to be effective. Our approach seeks to bring wholeness to every area of an individual’s life: spirit, soul and body. Our program is known for providing an atmosphere of God’s love and acceptance along with biblically based treatment principles. Through group therapy, individual therapy, educational programming, and transitional services, our facility not only offers licensed programming but programming that meets each person right where he/she is at, one step at a time. An individualized treatment plan with goals is created based on needs identified in the initial assessment and with input from both client and counselor. Length of stay is based on individual progress.


relapse program

Living Free Recovery Services offers outpatient faith-based relapse programming. Individuals qualifying for a relapse program would be those who have completed prior treatments followed with significant periods of sobriety who have now returned to chemical use.

In general, relapse programs are shorter term than a primary outpatient program but include all the types of programming included in our primary outpatient program.

How do I get started?

The first step of the enrollment process is to complete a substance use assessment. The assessment will recommend an appropriate level of care. If you have had an assessment completed elsewhere, you may have it sent/faxed over for review. If Living Free Recovery Services identifies the referral as appropriate, you will be contacted by staff to schedule a start date. You will be required to complete an orientation session prior to attending your first group session.


When and how often will I be coming?

Our group sessions meet three evenings per week from 6–9 p.m. Please call for specific group days and availability. There are some exceptions in which relapse program participants may attend less frequently. This decision is made by the Living Free Recovery Services counseling team. Individual sessions may be scheduled during the day or prior to group meetings. We also encourage attendance at our weekly support groups. While in the program, we will provide numerous educational assignments. Some of these will be homework outside of group.